Growing Cannabis in California

It is now possible for people to grow cannabis in California. It is an incredible development, compared to how cannabis was treated in the state just a few years ago. Now individuals who want to grow cannabis, either for personal consumption or to sell, will be able to do so legally.

But it does not mean that just anyone can start growing as much cannabis as they want. They must ensure that everything is being done in accordance with the law. And we believe that it is very important for everyone to read up on these laws to ensure they are doing everything by the book.

Testing Laws

One of the more interesting laws that will emerge in California with regards to cannabis is the testing of the product. If someone wants to sell cannabis through legal means, they will need to ensure their product is passingĀ new cannabis testing laws. It is only when the product has passed through these tests that it will be legally approved for selling. And it makes sense, as one can only know if the cannabis strain is safe if it has gone through testing. The product must be tested forĀ mycotoxins, heavy metals and other substances.

Minimum Age

Another law with regards to growing cannabis is the minimum age. Since cannabis is being treated the same as alcohol in the state, it means that no one who is under 21 is allowed to grow cannabis. It makes sense that teenagers may want to grow cannabis for fun, but it is not legal in the state.

Plant Limitations

There is a limit to how many cannabis plants you will be able to grow in your California home. The law is permitting up to six cannabis plants, no matter how far they are in the growing process. It is possible to have more plants in other states, so long as they are not flowering, but California is taking a more strict approach.

We can understand why people may want to bypass this particular law. However, it does not make sense to try and jeopardize your entire operation and your legal status by growing an extra plant or two of cannabis. It is much better to remain on the good side of the law, because you can never know when you may find yourself being checked to ensure that you are following regulations.


The rule regarding the privacy of growing marijuana is a little more vague. While you are allowed to grow in your own home, you must ensure that you are doing so privately. It means that if any of your land is viewable through a public space, like a park, there should not be cannabis growing there. You may want to put up a fence if that is the case. And if your neighbors have an issue with seeing your cannabis plant, you may have to do something about that too!

While there are many rules and regulations around cannabis growth in California, it is a step in the right direction!