Clean Green Certified Cannabis

When you are in the mood and shopping for recreational cannabis in Seattle, you want to find the best of the best in flowers, edibles, tinctures, and other products. You want to be sure that the cannabis you buy is grown in the best way possible without chemicals or pesticides.

Since cannabis is not allowed to be labeled as “organic” due to the fact it is not on the FDA agricultural list, there is another method of inspecting and certifying crops so that you can have the same standards, only much better. In 2004, Clean Green Certification was developed just for this.

This means that the cannabis is grown without pesticides and under fair labor practices with laboratory testing for every batch every time to ensure that growers are following the guidelines so you can get only the cleanest and best cannabis.

The dispensaries in downtown seattle sell Clean Green Certified Cannabis from only those growers who follow the rules of that program. After all, you shop for organic foods and you want the same standards for you cannabis, right?

Clean Green Certified is the one single, nationally recognized third-party cannabis purity certification program. Find a dispensary that sells this kind of cannabis and you have found the cleanest and the best around. This is the cleanest marijuana around and everybody knows it including you.

If you buy Clean Green Certified cannabis products, you are using only cannabis that is certified by these standards and that means you can rest easy with your weed knowing that it is totally free from any adulteration or pesticides across the board.

It also means that the cultivation was done under fair trade standards. It is a sustainable practice as well, leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Testing and inspections is done on all crops instead of just a few random ones.

As stated, the standards of Clean Green Certified go beyond what the USDA organic standards are for produce. Third-party testing is done throughout the entire plant life cycle, right from the selection of seeds to harvesting and processing. The tests are used to monitor the soil, the nutrients and to test for pesticides, mold treatment, and control of dust.

Each and every operator is under requirements to meet these standards every year. Otherwise, they do not get the certification. That means you can count on the label to read you the right information every time, right down to the percentages of THC and CBD in each strain of each harvest.

Avoiding pesticides in your cannabis is very important since it is being used with a healthy consciousness and an intention for a healthy body. Pesticides are harmful, as has been demonstrated by many media stories especially of late. You want to be sure you are getting the best.

In fact, a recent study at Berkeley demonstrated that over 80% of medical marijuana crops had pesticides so this is a growing problem, literally. Obviously, they did not get those results with Clean Green Certified crops at all. In fact, those tested negative.

Use only the cleanest and the best cannabis.