Going to the Cannabis Convention

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is legal in Oregon for both medical and recreational use. At last, this maligned plant is becoming decriminalized in many states and some have even moved in the same direction as Oregon.

As a result, there is a booming business for cannabis and that means that the businesses need to communicate with each other and network. This is a very good time for the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Convention Portland honors is exactly the place for this.

Many businesses that deal with cannabis products meet here to discover new connections and do business. Also, there is recreational business going on. All of it converges in one location for good reasons.

Cannabis as Medicine

Cannabis is now widely used for a variety of medical problems. The reality is that it has always worked for these conditions but only recently has it gained acceptance by the medical community. California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use, in fact.

From there, the legalization spread to Oregon and Washington and Colorado as well. Now many states accept the use of cannabis as medicine while fewer allow it for recreational use. More states have decriminalized the use of cannabis in light of this.

It works for nausea, pain, inflammation, and various other symptoms of many diseases so anyone with the conditions for which it is indicated can obtain it if they are in the right state. This is good news for everyone.

Cannabis for Recreational Use

It is a well-known fact that cannabis is used recreationally and there has been much debate on this issue over the years. There still is a strong debate but a number of states have gone ahead with the legislation to allow recreational use.

There are dispensaries for both medical and recreational cannabis all over the country, in the states that have legalized. This means that one can now obtain real, unadulterated cannabis for personal consumption.

Considering that there are risks involved with buying cannabis on the streets, the dispensaries are much better as the products they sell are definitely the real thing and safe to use. The whole plant is used in various forms from smoked to oral use.

A Free Country

At last, the states that allow the use of cannabis across the board have followed the idea of a free country in which individuals make the decision if they are going to use this or not. It makes sense considering that alcohol and tobacco, both harmful, have been widely legal for many decades.

With conventions like the one in Oregon and elsewhere, the mystery and the lies about cannabis are being peeled away so people can decide for themselves how or if they want to use cannabis rather than other substances. As it turns out, cannabis is not dangerous compared to alcohol and tobacco so there is no harm done.

If you want to go to the conventions, you can. Anyone can come even though it is for businesses mainly. You make the choice and support the new system.

Common Uses for Medical Cannabis

As we get older, it becomes more common to develop illnesses, long term pain and other conditions that may cause unpleasant symptoms. While regular medication and other therapies can provide assistance, those treatments are not always the solution. Sometimes individuals are in pain almost every day, which is when they turn to alternative medicine in the hopes of finding a solution.

Medical marijuana is one of those substances. Now that marijuana has been gaining a lot of traction as a viable medical solution, many states have legalized it for those purposes. For instance, it is possible to get an Arizona marijuana certification to obtain medical marijuana in the state. There are other places in the United States where this is also possible. It has allowed patients the chance to use marijuana as a means to control pain and some other symptoms.

Those who are considering medical marijuana as an option may want to look at the state by state breakdown of marijuana laws in the nation. With that being said, here are some of the most common uses of medical marijuana among seniors and other patients:

  1. Joint Pain

As you get older, your joints will start to hurt more. This is even more common among individuals who suffer from inflammation issues. Arthritis and other conditions can also cause joint pain. The pain can impact the knees, elbows and other joints in the body. Medical marijuana helps a great deal, as it can help to numb or completely take away the pain.

  1. Insomnia

Many people have a hard time falling asleep, especially if they are stressed or have other anxieties in their life. While the ultimate goal should be the elimination of these anxieties, it is not always possible. It is why medical marijuana can be used as a great tool to help someone fall asleep. And unlike alcohol or other medication, it does not have any harmful side effects when being used for this purpose.

  1. Stress

As mentioned above, stress and anxiety are major issues for many people. Sometimes stress is a result us extenuating circumstances. But for some, it can be linked to a deeper issue, such as depression or anxiety that is long term. And cannabis can help with these issues, as it will calm a person down and make them feel more centered. It is especially true when taking cannabis that has a high CBD count, with a lower THC count. That delivers all the calmness, while removing any of the mind altering impact of THC.

Cannabis is a viable medicine for many conditions. It may not be a traditional medicine in the way of a pill, but it has the same impact for many patients. In fact, it is better as it is natural and will not cause harm to the body’s organs if it is used regularly. It is why many people use cannabis when they want relief from long term pain, anxiety or sleep deprivation.

Medical marijuana is only gaining traction in the United States. It is set to become even more important in the next decade.