Advice for Entering the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is huge as the plants becomes more widely accepted and used in states across the U.S. to treat various health conditions and concerns. It is accepted for recreational purposes in many states as well. And, the business is only anticipated to continue growing. Now is the best time to enter the cannabis industry and stake your share of the profits and fun.

Marijuana Industry: Important Facts

Cannabis sales are expected to reach $20.2 billion by 2021 and current profits aren’t bad, either. Still in its infancy, the cannabis industry is a big deal. One in three Americans say they regularly consume cannabis. Many others use it for medicinal purposes. It is expected that more users will partake in this all-natural health remedy.

Getting Started in the Cannabis Industry

Although lucrative, a successful cannabis business is sometimes difficult to start and navigate through once established. As with anything new, there are many complex and confusing laws and regulations, taxes, and stiff requirements that can seem overwhelming. Add obstacles and roadblocks you experience along the way and it is easy to see that a cannabis business is sometimes a challenge. But, it is well-worth overcoming those challenges.

With the right grow room contractors, business plan, and techniques, anticipate the successful cannabis business that you want. A few tips to help you succeed:

  • Be unique. There are many areas in the cannabis industry waiting to explore. If you are unique and meet an unmet need in the industry, success is around the corner. Don’t assume that opening a dispensary is your only option in the cannabis industry.
  • Think logically. Weigh the opportunities that exist in the cannabis industry to determine the best way to start your business. What is the initial investment? Do you need a sales team? These two questions are just some of the important answers that you need.
  • Understand the cannabis consumer and the people who will want your products and services. The better understanding that you have for their needs, the easier it is to find the successful business that you want.
  • Learn all of the rules of the cannabis industry and precisely follow them. Yes, there are many rules, and some of them are hard to understand. But, it is essential that you understand them all and comply, else you risk losing your licensing and customers and clients in the process.
  • Have fun. Most important rule of any business operation is to have fun. There is nothing more important as a business owner. If you don’t enjoy your work, it will reflect in the quality of your product as well as client servicing.

The cannabis industry is fun, exciting, and profitable. If you’re looking for a great business opportunity and enjoy cannabis or at least the benefits that it offers to users, it could very well be an opportunity to thrive. Use the information above to assist in the process of finding your exciting cannabis industry career. It is out there waiting for you!

Clean Green Certified Cannabis

When you are in the mood and shopping for recreational cannabis in Seattle, you want to find the best of the best in flowers, edibles, tinctures, and other products. You want to be sure that the cannabis you buy is grown in the best way possible without chemicals or pesticides.

Since cannabis is not allowed to be labeled as “organic” due to the fact it is not on the FDA agricultural list, there is another method of inspecting and certifying crops so that you can have the same standards, only much better. In 2004, Clean Green Certification was developed just for this.

This means that the cannabis is grown without pesticides and under fair labor practices with laboratory testing for every batch every time to ensure that growers are following the guidelines so you can get only the cleanest and best cannabis.

The dispensaries in downtown seattle sell Clean Green Certified Cannabis from only those growers who follow the rules of that program. After all, you shop for organic foods and you want the same standards for you cannabis, right?

Clean Green Certified is the one single, nationally recognized third-party cannabis purity certification program. Find a dispensary that sells this kind of cannabis and you have found the cleanest and the best around. This is the cleanest marijuana around and everybody knows it including you.

If you buy Clean Green Certified cannabis products, you are using only cannabis that is certified by these standards and that means you can rest easy with your weed knowing that it is totally free from any adulteration or pesticides across the board.

It also means that the cultivation was done under fair trade standards. It is a sustainable practice as well, leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Testing and inspections is done on all crops instead of just a few random ones.

As stated, the standards of Clean Green Certified go beyond what the USDA organic standards are for produce. Third-party testing is done throughout the entire plant life cycle, right from the selection of seeds to harvesting and processing. The tests are used to monitor the soil, the nutrients and to test for pesticides, mold treatment, and control of dust.

Each and every operator is under requirements to meet these standards every year. Otherwise, they do not get the certification. That means you can count on the label to read you the right information every time, right down to the percentages of THC and CBD in each strain of each harvest.

Avoiding pesticides in your cannabis is very important since it is being used with a healthy consciousness and an intention for a healthy body. Pesticides are harmful, as has been demonstrated by many media stories especially of late. You want to be sure you are getting the best.

In fact, a recent study at Berkeley demonstrated that over 80% of medical marijuana crops had pesticides so this is a growing problem, literally. Obviously, they did not get those results with Clean Green Certified crops at all. In fact, those tested negative.

Use only the cleanest and the best cannabis.

Recreational Cannabis in Colorado

Since cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use in the state of Colorado, there are plenty of places that sell it. These places are called dispensaries and they are there for the sole purpose of selling cannabis products of different kinds.

The most popular form of cannabis by far are the flowers of the female plant. Also known as “buds,” the flowers of different varieties are sold under various names and each has a different effect. It may sound a bit confusing but they all produce intoxication and medical benefits.

Find the flowers you are looking for at colorado recreational dispensaries. There, you will find assortments of cannabis buds and edibles in all sorts of forms. There are even cartridges of oil that you can vaporize when you are on the go.

It is wonderful that the plant has finally gained a legal status. Many people are pleased with this and for good reason. It has always seemed cruel and unusual to put people in jail for buying, growing, or using marijuana and it is only recently that laws have changed.

Granted, not all states are the same on this issue but Colorado has gained fame as one of the best states in the nation for the legalization of cannabis. Now, fewer people will end up in prison for the use of pot for recreation.

Something for Everyone

At the right dispensaries, you will find a wide selection of strains so you will find something to your tastes whether you are a new user or a connoisseur. Usually, they are grown by the company running the dispensaries. That means you are getting the freshest and the best around.

There is something for everyone and every taste. You will find hundreds of different infused edible products as well as the fresh flowers. So whether you like to smoke, vape, or eat cannabis, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Cannabis is a joy to use. The effects are pleasant for most people. If you have never used cannabis before, let someone walk you through it. People at the dispensaries will be more than happy to show you the different ways to use this healing plant.

Edible or Inhaled?

There is a difference in effect between the different forms of cannabis. For example, the fastest way to a high is to smoke or vaporize either the flowers or the extracts. The duration of action is shorter than the oral forms but the high is much more intense.

The oral forms take a while to take effect. On the other hand, the effect lasts much longer than the inhaled versions. They come in candies and cookies of many kinds and some come as other food forms such as gum or savory snacks.

With the inhaled versions there are the flowers, which are most commonly used, and there are the extracts, which are incredibly strong and fast acting. Depending on how you want it to work, you can enjoy all different kinds.

Going to the Cannabis Convention

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is legal in Oregon for both medical and recreational use. At last, this maligned plant is becoming decriminalized in many states and some have even moved in the same direction as Oregon.

As a result, there is a booming business for cannabis and that means that the businesses need to communicate with each other and network. This is a very good time for the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Convention Portland honors is exactly the place for this.

Many businesses that deal with cannabis products meet here to discover new connections and do business. Also, there is recreational business going on. All of it converges in one location for good reasons.

Cannabis as Medicine

Cannabis is now widely used for a variety of medical problems. The reality is that it has always worked for these conditions but only recently has it gained acceptance by the medical community. California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use, in fact.

From there, the legalization spread to Oregon and Washington and Colorado as well. Now many states accept the use of cannabis as medicine while fewer allow it for recreational use. More states have decriminalized the use of cannabis in light of this.

It works for nausea, pain, inflammation, and various other symptoms of many diseases so anyone with the conditions for which it is indicated can obtain it if they are in the right state. This is good news for everyone.

Cannabis for Recreational Use

It is a well-known fact that cannabis is used recreationally and there has been much debate on this issue over the years. There still is a strong debate but a number of states have gone ahead with the legislation to allow recreational use.

There are dispensaries for both medical and recreational cannabis all over the country, in the states that have legalized. This means that one can now obtain real, unadulterated cannabis for personal consumption.

Considering that there are risks involved with buying cannabis on the streets, the dispensaries are much better as the products they sell are definitely the real thing and safe to use. The whole plant is used in various forms from smoked to oral use.

A Free Country

At last, the states that allow the use of cannabis across the board have followed the idea of a free country in which individuals make the decision if they are going to use this or not. It makes sense considering that alcohol and tobacco, both harmful, have been widely legal for many decades.

With conventions like the one in Oregon and elsewhere, the mystery and the lies about cannabis are being peeled away so people can decide for themselves how or if they want to use cannabis rather than other substances. As it turns out, cannabis is not dangerous compared to alcohol and tobacco so there is no harm done.

If you want to go to the conventions, you can. Anyone can come even though it is for businesses mainly. You make the choice and support the new system.

Growing Cannabis in California

It is now possible for people to grow cannabis in California. It is an incredible development, compared to how cannabis was treated in the state just a few years ago. Now individuals who want to grow cannabis, either for personal consumption or to sell, will be able to do so legally.

But it does not mean that just anyone can start growing as much cannabis as they want. They must ensure that everything is being done in accordance with the law. And we believe that it is very important for everyone to read up on these laws to ensure they are doing everything by the book.

Testing Laws

One of the more interesting laws that will emerge in California with regards to cannabis is the testing of the product. If someone wants to sell cannabis through legal means, they will need to ensure their product is passing new cannabis testing laws. It is only when the product has passed through these tests that it will be legally approved for selling. And it makes sense, as one can only know if the cannabis strain is safe if it has gone through testing. The product must be tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals and other substances.

Minimum Age

Another law with regards to growing cannabis is the minimum age. Since cannabis is being treated the same as alcohol in the state, it means that no one who is under 21 is allowed to grow cannabis. It makes sense that teenagers may want to grow cannabis for fun, but it is not legal in the state.

Plant Limitations

There is a limit to how many cannabis plants you will be able to grow in your California home. The law is permitting up to six cannabis plants, no matter how far they are in the growing process. It is possible to have more plants in other states, so long as they are not flowering, but California is taking a more strict approach.

We can understand why people may want to bypass this particular law. However, it does not make sense to try and jeopardize your entire operation and your legal status by growing an extra plant or two of cannabis. It is much better to remain on the good side of the law, because you can never know when you may find yourself being checked to ensure that you are following regulations.


The rule regarding the privacy of growing marijuana is a little more vague. While you are allowed to grow in your own home, you must ensure that you are doing so privately. It means that if any of your land is viewable through a public space, like a park, there should not be cannabis growing there. You may want to put up a fence if that is the case. And if your neighbors have an issue with seeing your cannabis plant, you may have to do something about that too!

While there are many rules and regulations around cannabis growth in California, it is a step in the right direction!

What is Cannabis Wax?

There are many things that have changed with regards to cannabis use in the United States. In the past, cannabis use was always a legal grey area, as there was no state that had legalization for marijuana. It is only recently that some states adopted legalization for medical purposes, while a couple made recreational marijuana legal as well. Such a change means that people are starting to perceive cannabis in a different way. But it also means that new products make their way onto the market, as people have more liberty to grow, produce and sell cannabis legally.

One such product is Cannabis Wax Phoenix. It is a unique product because it is one that many have not heard about before. So what is cannabis wax and what does it offer to marijuana users?

It is a sticky substance that is almost like a syrup. It can even hold its form when it is put down on a flat surface, so long as it is cool enough. When it heats up, it will start to resemble a liquid more than a solid. The color of cannabis wax is almost always yellowish, but it may seem more orange in certain circumstances.

It is one of the types of cannabis that is used for medical purposes. Medical marijuana can benefit patients in a variety of ways, ranging from treating pain to helping with depression. And cannabis wax falls under this category. The reason why it is gaining popularity is because it is so concentrated and potent. It is a lot more potent than typical marijuana that someone would buy from dispensary and then smoke, vape or put in food.

Some studies have shown that it has around EIGHT times as much THC as compared to regular marijuana buds that people would smoke or cape. And that is why it is becoming so popular. People who want and need the heavy effect of marijuana, both from THC and CBD, will be looking at marijuana wax as a great option for themselves. And since it is so potent, it does not require constant smoking or vaping to remain effective either. A small dosage would be enough to set someone up for the entire evening and night.

The only issue with this substance is that it can be almost too strong for some people. It is why many experts recommend that you speak with a doctor before you attempt to get cannabis wax for medical purposes. It is always a good idea to talk with your physician to ensure that your body can handle cannabis wax, as it is a lot stronger compared to regular marijuana buds.

The last thing you want is to have a bad experience with cannabis wax for the first time because you were not ready to take it – or you were unprepared for how strong it would be! It is always best to exercise some caution in this regard, especially if you have never tried cannabis wax before. We always believe in being safe when it comes to dosage!

Common Uses for Medical Cannabis

As we get older, it becomes more common to develop illnesses, long term pain and other conditions that may cause unpleasant symptoms. While regular medication and other therapies can provide assistance, those treatments are not always the solution. Sometimes individuals are in pain almost every day, which is when they turn to alternative medicine in the hopes of finding a solution.

Medical marijuana is one of those substances. Now that marijuana has been gaining a lot of traction as a viable medical solution, many states have legalized it for those purposes. For instance, it is possible to get an Arizona marijuana certification to obtain medical marijuana in the state. There are other places in the United States where this is also possible. It has allowed patients the chance to use marijuana as a means to control pain and some other symptoms.

Those who are considering medical marijuana as an option may want to look at the state by state breakdown of marijuana laws in the nation. With that being said, here are some of the most common uses of medical marijuana among seniors and other patients:

  1. Joint Pain

As you get older, your joints will start to hurt more. This is even more common among individuals who suffer from inflammation issues. Arthritis and other conditions can also cause joint pain. The pain can impact the knees, elbows and other joints in the body. Medical marijuana helps a great deal, as it can help to numb or completely take away the pain.

  1. Insomnia

Many people have a hard time falling asleep, especially if they are stressed or have other anxieties in their life. While the ultimate goal should be the elimination of these anxieties, it is not always possible. It is why medical marijuana can be used as a great tool to help someone fall asleep. And unlike alcohol or other medication, it does not have any harmful side effects when being used for this purpose.

  1. Stress

As mentioned above, stress and anxiety are major issues for many people. Sometimes stress is a result us extenuating circumstances. But for some, it can be linked to a deeper issue, such as depression or anxiety that is long term. And cannabis can help with these issues, as it will calm a person down and make them feel more centered. It is especially true when taking cannabis that has a high CBD count, with a lower THC count. That delivers all the calmness, while removing any of the mind altering impact of THC.

Cannabis is a viable medicine for many conditions. It may not be a traditional medicine in the way of a pill, but it has the same impact for many patients. In fact, it is better as it is natural and will not cause harm to the body’s organs if it is used regularly. It is why many people use cannabis when they want relief from long term pain, anxiety or sleep deprivation.

Medical marijuana is only gaining traction in the United States. It is set to become even more important in the next decade.